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Most business owners want to leverage AI in their business but aren't sure how. These apps can enhance your company's accounting, customer service, and marketing processes. — Getty Images/MoMo Productions

Many common software solutions use artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to process data. You may already have a few AI-powered tools in your office. However, several studies revealed that small business owners aren’t sure how to deploy and benefit from AI. Yet, almost 4 in 5 small business respondents to a Microsoft survey said they are “interested in learning more about how AI can be used in their business.”

We researched dozens of AI applications built for small business use. These tools can streamline workflows in every department, from finance to marketing. Moreover, AI-based features can reduce errors, improve customer experiences, and support business growth. Consider starting with the following AI platforms.

Businesswide AI applications

AI enhances many systems and services designed for all employees. The advantages of these solutions extend beyond a department, allowing small businesses to increase productivity across the board. Most businesswide AI applications have desktop, web, and mobile apps, so your staff can access them from any internet-connected device.

Consider AI-powered software from these categories:

  • Video communications: AI assistants summarize meetings and assign tasks, allowing your staff to be in the moment. RingCentral and Zoom have AI-enabled video conferencing tools suitable for teams in any department.
  • Project management: Leverage if-then AI automation and forecasting features to organize projects and workloads. Top-notch project management systems with AI include Jira and Trello.
  • Editing: Ensure every team member sends grammatically correct emails, text messages, and sales sheets using AI-enabled editing tools such as Grammarly.

Finance teams

Cloud accounting software utilizes AI to extract financial data from invoices and receipts or automatically detect duplicate ledger entries. It decreases manual data entry, which often results in errors. Advanced AI tools detect fraud, update tax and compliance engines, and assist with financial predictions.

These platforms help your accounting teams simplify small business tasks with AI:

  • QuickBooks: Email receipts and match payments to invoices automatically with QuickBooks. It automates tasks using basic and advanced AI and machine learning (ML) algorithms.
  • Xero: Avoid lengthy bank reconciliation processes with Xero’s ML-powered transaction classification system or autoconfigure invoice sales tax.
  • Zoho Books: Easily compute your tax liability and generate insights with Zoho Books. Its AI tools support your end-to-end accounting needs.

An American Express survey of small business owners reported that over half of them leverage AI for running their company, 'especially when it comes to customer service.'

Customer success departments

AI helps customer success teams respond quicker to clients, personalize messages, and analyze data. An American Express survey of small business owners reported that over half of them leverage AI for running their company, “especially when it comes to customer service.” There are many tools for customer success, from conversational chatbots to advanced, omnichannel helpdesk software. Simply put, you can find an AI solution whether you have 20 customers or thousands.

AI-enabled customer success solutions include:

  • Zendesk: Give clients better self-service tools and give agents more context with Zendesk Support Suite. Its AI models are trained on 18 billion customer service tickets for advanced capabilities.
  • Zoho Desk: Your customers can ask Zia, Zoho's AI-powered assistant, questions. The Zoho Desk bot also identifies help ticket sentiment, allowing your agents to prioritize clients by urgency.
  • Intercom: This AI help desk solution has an AI-enhanced inbox and a chatbot trained on your support content. Intercom also collects behavioral data to generate actionable insights.
  • ClickDesk: Use advanced reporting tools to measure customer experiences and agent performance with ClickDesk. Its AI-powered help desk, live chat, and video tools are priced perfectly for small teams.

Website design

No-code AI website builders make quick work of site design. Instead of starting from scratch, the software populates one or more customizable page templates. Aside from site-building tools, vendors often provide AI content and logo generators.

See small business website builders like:

  • Wix: Take a survey, and then the Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) creates website design elements based on your input.
  • Squarespace: Answer questions and Squarespace Blueprint provides various templates to build your website.
  • Shopify: Use Shopify Magic to write product descriptions and personalized FAQ pages.
  • GoDaddy: Build your website with AI-generated templates and choose from a suite of AI tools from GoDaddy.
  • Divi AI: Create a new site or update an existing one using Divi AI. It enhances readability and generates content on demand.

Marketing and advertising teams

AI marketing solutions are some of the most well-known AI technology options. Nearly every service uses some form of AI. Indeed, a recent Constant Contact survey reported that “70% of small businesses would pay more for a marketing platform that gave them access to AI or automation tools.”

Check out innovative solutions such as:

  • HubSpot: Centralize your campaigns and contacts with HubSpot’s marketing software. It also offers a free AI content assistant to create search engine-optimized articles or outlines.
  • Freshworks: Choose Freshsales or Freshmarketer to personalize your multichannel approach. Freshworks uses AI to segment leads and generate insights, allowing teams to prioritize sales and marketing activities.
  • Boost your social media presence with a suite of AI tools from It generates social media captions, hashtags, and images. In addition, you can create memes and post them on your social channels.

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Business intelligence and analytics tools

AI makes data insights accessible to small businesses. It collects and analyzes information quickly, allowing leaders to understand trends. Approximately 2 in 5 respondents to an American Express survey said that “their business is currently prioritizing artificial intelligence to help make business decisions.”

Visualize data using tools like:

  • Tableau: This visual analytics platform (owned by Salesforce) offers what-if scenario planning and AI-powered predictions. With Tableau, small business owners drag and drop to forecast outcomes.
  • SeekTable: If you understand basic pivot table concepts, SeekTable’s self-service business intelligence tool is an excellent option. AI technologies pull data from multiple sources, including your SQL database.
  • Zoho Analytics: Clean, enrich, and transform your data using Zoho Analytics. You can speak with the smart AI assistant, conduct a what-if analysis, and forecast future trends.


Increasingly, cybercriminals use AI to conduct sophisticated phishing and malware attacks. An incident can knock your network offline, leak sensitive data, and cost thousands of dollars. Fortunately, you can stay one step ahead with sybersecurity software that monitors your network for abnormal behavior.

Protect your business from being hacked by investing in AI-powered applications such as:

  • Crowdstrike: Get actionable threat intelligence and real-time risk assessments with the Crowdstrike Falcon platform. It offers Charlotte AI, which helps less experienced IT and security professionals fortify weaknesses in company systems.
  • Check Point: Leverage Check Point’s ThreatCloud AI to secure devices, Wi-Fi, and office networks. It uses over 40 AI and ML technologies to identify and block threats.
  • Darktrace: The Darktrace Cyber AI Loop learns from continuous feedback about how your business functions (user, device, network behavior, and more).

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