Team of coworkers wearing holiday hats at work.
Sarah Roberts, who manages eight professionals, suggests allowing for flexible work hours and time off during the holidays, to allow for creative and mental rejuvenation. — Getty Images/ Anchiy

If you could create your own fantasy board of directors, who would be on it? CO— connects you with thought leaders from across the business spectrum and asks them to help solve your biggest business challenges. In this edition, we ask an expert about productivity tips for employees during the holidays.

There’s no denying that the holiday season is an exciting yet difficult time. Increased pressure from customers, tight end-of-the-year deadlines, and family commitments can all take a toll on your team’s productivity. How can you keep them motivated and productive in the midst of the holiday chaos?

Sarah Roberts, a Licensed Beauty and Skincare Consultant and Founder of the online beauty publication A Beauty Edit, answers…

Allow for flexible work schedules

During the holidays, flexible working hours can help employees balance personal and professional commitments. The team's understanding of each person's individual obligations promotes balance and soothes stress levels, consequently nurturing a dedicated workforce.

Encourage time off

Your team members must indulge in adequate breaks that allow for rest and relaxation. Time off can spark creativity and recharge energy levels. You should convey that taking time off doesn't equate to slackening or jeopardizing work. It actually does the opposite and boosts productivity by rejuvenating employees, both physically and mentally.

Maintaining team connectivity is imperative, especially during the holidays when your group may not be in the same place.

Sarah Roberts, Licensed Beauty and Skincare Consultant and Founder of A Beauty Edit

Create a rewards system

By implementing a rewards system for completed tasks—be it a sincere “thank you,” monetary benefits, or token gifts—you actively recognize and honor your team's diligence. Such an acknowledgement not only validates their efforts but also propels them towards excellence. Furthermore, recognizing hard work in team meetings is more than just boosting morale—it stimulates superior performance.

Take advantage of technology

Harnessing the power of technology is an essential strategy to maintain productivity during the holiday rush. We inhabit an era wherein technology interconnects us, promoting efficiency and streamlining operations. During the holiday season, remote work arrangements—enabled by technology—prove particularly advantageous. Software such as Asana, Trello, or—project management tools—could potentiate synchronous functioning within your team.

Ensure consistent communication

Maintaining team connectivity is imperative, especially during the holidays when your group may not be in the same place. Regular interactions, such as daily or weekly check-ins or meetings, can foster a sense of normalcy and uphold the team's morale at an elevated level. It’s a good idea to invest in real-time messaging applications such as Slack or Microsoft Teams, as they allow for instant messaging for expedited resolution and efficient coordination.

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