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From developing a business idea to learning about funding options, these resources are designed to provide young entrepreneurs with business guidance. — Getty Images/valentinrussanov

Data shows that many teens are interested in running a business: 41% have considered starting a business as their career, and 69% of teens have a business idea but aren’t sure how to start. Here are nine resources that can make the process easier for young entrepreneurs.

Biz Kids

Biz Kids is an online resource based on a television show that taught kids about business and money. The site provides videos and lesson plans teaching young entrepreneurs how to develop a business idea, market their product, and earn a profit.

When you sign up for Biz Kids’ newsletter, you’ll receive a free business planning guide. In addition, kids that need to learn more about managing money can sign up for a financial literacy course that will teach them the basics of budgeting, investing, and making money.

Kid Everest

Kid Everest is a crowdfunding platform for young entrepreneurs. The site started as a school project and has become a safe place for teens to find investment opportunities. Teens can launch a crowdfunding campaign or browse through blog posts and guides on finding their passion, creating SMART (specific, measurable, assignable, realistic and time-related) goals, and pitching their business idea.

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BUILD is an entrepreneurship program for underserved high school students in New York City, Boston, San Francisco Bay Area, and Washington, D.C. Entrepreneurship 1.0 is a year-long program that helps students develop the skills needed to start a business. Students learn how to develop their business idea, pitch investors, and run a business.

Beta Camp

Beta Camp is a virtual enrichment program for kids ages 13 to 18. During the three-month program, students will attend a virtual workshop on Saturdays. They’ll get hands-on experience working on a team and building a real business. During the program, they’ll receive one-on-one mentorship opportunities and interact with like-minded peers.

If the three-month program is out of reach financially, you can also sign up for a live Masterclass. Students can learn how to build an app, find their purpose, or build a business while they’re still in high school.

Kid Everest is a crowdfunding platform for young entrepreneurs. The site started as a school project and has become a safe place for teens to find investment opportunities.


E-Seedling provides a week-long youth entrepreneurship camp that students can attend virtually or in person. This camp teaches the basics of starting a business, like writing a business plan, developing marketing strategies, and presenting a business idea. Anyone who’s interested can download a free excerpt from the Student Workbook to get a sense of what they’ll learn.

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LaunchX gives young entrepreneurs the tools they need to launch a successful business. An in-person or virtual summer program allows students to learn from industry experts. Students will learn the entrepreneurial process, meet with mentors and instructors, and implement their ideas.

If you can’t attend the summer camp, you can buy the LaunchX workbook instead. This workbook also gives young entrepreneurs practical lessons on starting a business.

Young Entrepreneur Institute

The Young Entrepreneur Institute provides programs and tools to educate children and teens about entrepreneurship. Kids can attend day-long events to learn how to develop products, pitch their ideas, and interact with customers. Resources are also available for educators looking to incorporate these ideas into the classroom.


TeenLife provides enrichment opportunities for students in seventh through 12th grade. The organization's primary goal is to help teens succeed and have meaningful experiences outside the classroom.

They do this by providing events, summer programs, volunteer opportunities, and more. Though the organization isn’t focused solely on entrepreneurship, guides and programs are available for young entrepreneurs.

Acton Children’s Business Fairs

Acton Children’s Business Fairs are held in 412 cities across 17 different countries. During these one-day fairs, kids can launch their businesses and develop interpersonal and problem-solving skills. You can either search for a nearby fair or sign up to host your own.

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