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Making time during the week for yourself and your hobbies can ensure that you have time to decompress from work. — Getty Images/Daniel de la Hoz

When work-related stress accumulates over time, it can lead to burnout. Burnout is especially common among entrepreneurs: A 2022 Capital One survey found that 42% of small business owners across all demographics report that they’ve recently felt burned out.

People experiencing burnout may be unable to bring themselves to do their work, focus during the work day, or keep their job from bleeding into every area of their life. Here are nine daily habits that can help prevent burnout.

Get a better night’s sleep

Entrepreneurs are often tempted to power through tasks and burn the midnight oil, especially if they work from home, but that lack of sleep will catch up with you. Getting better sleep can reduce burnout because you’ll be able to optimize your performance and productivity during the workday, thereby making you feel more accomplished.

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Schedule breaks

While a two-week, off-the-grid vacation might be a tall order for an entrepreneur, scheduling smaller but more frequent work breaks can help combat burnout. Even a 10-minute “micro-break” can go a long way in recharging your brain and making you feel refreshed.

Listen to your body

Ultimately, your body knows what you need more than your work schedule. Check in with your hunger cues, your stress levels, and your need for rest so you can give your body what it needs. Taking care of those needs will help you prevent burnout and benefit your work overall.

Make time for your personal life and hobbies

To maintain a healthy work-life balance, cultivate a rich, satisfying life outside of your job. Find hobbies and interests entirely unrelated to your career without feeling the need to monetize them. For instance, if you work in finance, try something artsy. Not only will your activities bring you joy and boost your mood, but they can also strengthen your identity and sense of self outside of work, which can reduce your stress from the job.

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When you feel dread about the week or day to come, jot down all of those worries or stressors.


Many people have a complicated relationship with exercise — especially around the new year. However, if you change your relationship with movement and separate it from weight-related goals, you can incorporate small, regular exercise sessions in your day to reduce stress, boost your mood, and promote deeper sleep. Make movement work for you and your schedule; only do forms of exercise you enjoy and remember that any amount of movement can be beneficial.

Set boundaries

Creating a buffer between your personal and professional life is a major key to preventing burnout. To establish those boundaries, work only when you are meant to and do no work (not even checking email) on your days off. You can reinforce those boundaries for yourself by incorporating a tactile ritual, like changing out of your work clothes or putting away your laptop, to let your body know it’s time for recreation.

Lean on others

When we believe we have to do something — or everything — entirely alone, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Encourage yourself to ask others for help. If a particular project is stressing you out, ask a colleague for advice or a helping hand. If you do feel particularly stressed, open up to your loved ones or a professional about your feelings so you don’t have to feel so alone.

Practice gratitude

By taking the time to jot down a few things about your day that you are grateful for, you can trick your brain into seeking out those good things to appreciate every day. That simple shift can help you feel more content with your life and more proud of yourself for creating that life.

Plan ahead

The “Sunday Scaries” may be a cute name, but the anxiety that so many people experience before the work week can actually compound and lead to burnout. When you feel dread about the week or day to come, jot down all of those worries or stressors. You can empty your head of those concerns and make yourself a working to-do list for the next day.

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