Headshot of Destiny Brewton, founder of A House Called Hue
Destiny Brewton, Founder of A House Called Hue, credits networking with others and trusting in herself as two key building blocks to her business success. — A House Called Hue

Destiny Brewton has been making stitch happen since 2018. The founder and chief embroideress at A House Called Hue creates custom patches and stitches on T-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, and more, as well as offers concept graphic design.

Her business started in 2016 as an online marketplace for African-inspired apparel and accessories and organically evolved into making customized patches.

She jokes that she learned her craft on “YouTube University, trial and error.” She joined embroidery groups and went to trade shows.

Brewton, who previously worked as a guest services team leader at Target, as a coordinator at the University of Florida, among others, is a one-woman production team who transitioned last year from working from home to her office in Atlanta. She needs a production assistant and back-office help. “If I spend all day on the machine, that means I’m not answering emails,” says Brewton, who is also a recipient of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation's Coalition to Back Black Businesses (CBBB) 2022 Enhancement Grant.

In the meantime, she’s juggling many hats. She’ll have her educator husband’s extra helping hands while school is out for the summer. Entrepreneurship taught her to be nimble, like jumping over financing hurdles. Dad co-signed for the first one-needle embroidery machine she bought in 2018. She and her husband have since financed equipment and now there are three semi-commercial, 10-needle machines. She upped her game to best serve more than 200 brands.

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Build relationships through networking

Brewton knows in business it’s all about relationships. She is big on networking. She is a member of groups like the Atlanta Black Chamber of Commerce and Sigma Gamma Rho Society. She encourages other entrepreneurs to network. “I go to events and connect with those in my industry. When they cannot fulfill an order or need help, they pass it along to me,” says Brewton.

She says “organic connections” led to her doing custom embroidery patches for the NBA All-Star Weekend one year and teaming up with another company where she did the patch on a custom duffle bag for candy company Now and Later. “My work with the Slutty Vegan came out of being a fan of the business. When they needed help, I was able to be in the front of their mind and had established a nice portfolio on Instagram to back up my abilities,” says Brewton.

Now that I’ve done a lot of different things, I don’t turn down things. I trust that I will figure it out. Don’t doubt yourself.

Destiny Brewton, Founder, A House Called Hue

Seize opportunities, and don't doubt yourself

Brewton has two words for entrepreneurs: “Stay ready.” She says she missed out on opportunities because she didn’t think she could do them for one reason or another. “Now that I’ve done a lot of different things, I don’t turn down things. I trust that I will figure it out. Don’t doubt yourself.”

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Be organized with your processes and procedures

To succeed, you need more than a great product or service. “Take the time to get the back end, the operational part of your business, at least somewhat straight,” she says.

In the last year she worked on streamlining processes and procedures. “Professionalism is important, especially when you’re dealing with a big brand.”

As her business grows, she envisions adding consulting to her suite of services, and to have the space to offer classes in embroidery, sculpting and pottery. “I want to lean away from me doing so much production and be accessible to people on the startup level as a consultant.”

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