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No matter what kind of business skills you want to learn or pass onto your team, you can likely find courses online to help. — Getty Images/insta_photos

Now, more than ever, workers expect employers to provide training that will develop their skills and advance their careers. 94% of employees polled by LinkedIn said they’d stay at a company longer if it invested in helping them learn.

Giving employees a robust training experience is critical to your company’s success. Whether you’re looking to leverage existing content or build out a custom program, these six platforms can help you provide effective and engaging training for your employees.


Coursera, one of the leaders in online learning, offers over 5000 courses, professional certificates and degree programs for the modern workplace. The content is authored by leading companies and universities and covers everything from Salesforce sales operations and Google IT support to mindfulness and well-being.

While all of their content is available on an ad-hoc basis, the Coursera for Teams subscription grants your employees access to their entire catalog of courses and enables you to develop custom curricula and manage your users’ progress through a built-in dashboard.

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Alison is an on-demand learning and training platform designed to help small businesses provide a robust educational experience to employees. Their catalog is suitable for most industries, with courses on general business skills including finance, marketing, project management, tech, leadership and more.

Since their focus is on small businesses, they offer flexible monthly plans with several options that can grow with your company. The administrative dashboard features the ability to develop custom learning paths, monitor user engagement and easily manage invitations and enrollment.


Onboarding sets the tone for new employees and is often the first training they’ll receive from your company. Getting it right is crucial—according to a Gallup poll, employees who reported an exceptional onboarding process were 2.6 times as likely to be extremely satisfied with their workplace.

Trainual is a comprehensive platform for developing a smooth onboarding program. Using built-in tools, you can create an online employee handbook, easily manage org charts and directories, perform online orientation and offer training courses. Their platform also integrates with many popular HR management services, which can significantly reduce the administrative burden for small business owners.

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Coursera, one of the leaders in online learning, offers over 5000 courses, professional certificates and degree programs for the modern workplace.


Lessonly is a suite of training, practice and coaching tools focused on usability and rapid uptake. The administrative side allows small business owners and managers to quickly create courses, along with a flexible reporting dashboard to track your employees’ progress and provide actionable feedback.

User experience is one of Lessonly’s biggest selling points. Employees have access to a smooth and easy-to-use interface, keeping them on track with training and avoiding the hurdles that may come with clunkier learning tools.


For one of the largest course libraries in the industry, check out Skillsoft. The platform covers virtually every aspect of business, from introduction-level classes to deep dives on complex topics. They also offer preparatory courses for a variety of certifications and pre-built boot camps to help workers ramp up their skills quickly.

Skillsoft’s administrative dashboard is as extensive as their content catalog. Business owners and managers can build custom courses based on job title, with certificates and badges for completion. Their platform also allows you to curate content from other providers like YouTube or Coursera.

Udemy for Business

Udemy for Business has thousands of in-depth courses on things like leadership, tech, wellness and other business skills. All subscribers have a dedicated customer success team that works with you to ensure their platform meets the needs of both your company and employees.

While only enterprise-level subscribers can develop custom courses, the existing content catalog is comprehensive, making Udemy a great option for companies focused on providing skill development and enhancement opportunities to their employees.

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