Photographers at an office taking photos of a corporate business woman behind a desk.
Organizing a photo shoot for your business means determining things like which employees to include, where to have the shoot, how much to budget, and how the photos will be used. — Getty Images/Tetra Images

Professional headshots can boost your business's first impression, reinforce your company’s values, and establish trust among clients by helping them put faces to the company name. Organizing a corporate headshot session for your team can achieve all of this while establishing consistency in your digital presence and marketing materials.

To make the most of a corporate headshot photo shoot, here are a few helpful steps to follow.

Determine the logistics

To organize a corporate photo shoot, start by determining who will participate: Will it be exclusively for executives, or will all employees be included? Will you only do individual headshots or do you want to have a few group photos taken as well?

Once you’ve determined the number of employees being photographed, set a budget. A photo shoot price quote will generally include everything from the pre-production consultation to photographer and assistant fees to travel expenses and post-production services.

Other logistics include the time and place of the photo shoot and the aesthetic you’re hoping to achieve in the photos. In-office photos will have a different look and feel than those taken in a studio or at an outside location, so it’s important to understand where your potential photographer is willing to shoot.

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Search for the perfect photographer

The right photographer will make all the difference in a corporate headshot session. Hire someone within your budget who has a proven track record in commercial or corporate photography. Remember, some photographers are willing to travel, while others will only take local clients.

Browse photographers’ portfolios on their website or social media to see examples of their work and read reviews — ensure the photographer you work with is experienced enough to execute your vision and represent your company.

Booking a consultation with a photographer is a great way to set expectations and determine if they’d be the right fit for your business. During this meeting, you can discuss the style of photo your company is looking for (headshot, full body, etc.), the turnaround time, and any other specifics and preferences.

In-office photos will have a different look and feel than those taken in a studio or at an outside location, so it’s important to understand where your potential photographer is willing to shoot.

Communicate expectations with your team

Before your headshot session, communicate the time, date, and location, as well as your expectations and goals for the shoot with employees.

Compile all expectations into a document or email and share it well in advance so employees have adequate time to prepare. This message should include items such as appropriate attire, whether or not props will be necessary, call times, and the expected time commitment for the shoot (30 minutes to an hour is the sweet spot.). It’s also important to inform employees how and where the photos will be used.

Finally, communicate the aesthetic your company is going for with these photos, whether it’s fun and creative, friendly and open, or professional and serious.

Prepare for the shoot

Regardless of whether the shoot will take place in-studio or on-location, preparation is essential. Before an in-office photo shoot, clean up the space and make sure there are numerous locations available for an extended period of time. These photo locations should not have any customers or other employees in the background, and there shouldn’t be any traffic nearby.

For on-location shoots, planning ahead is critical to confirm that there are enough parking spots for employees, that the location appears as promised, and that the photographer can easily set up their equipment.

Use the assets wisely

Once you’ve successfully had your corporate headshot photo shoot, determine how you will use the assets. Utilize your assets as much as possible by sharing them on social media, on your website, in printed materials such as presentation announcements, and during professional conferences.

Corporate headshots can highlight your company culture and your employees while still maintaining professionalism. Use professional headshots for any kind of press or promotional material to strengthen your brand and create a cohesive visual image for your company.

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