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From apparel to snacks, there are several different types of swag items that businesses can create and offer to guests at events. — Getty Images/Morsa Images

If you’ve ever attended a corporate event, you likely received some kind of “swag” (“stuff we all get”) — free branded items that companies give away to attendees to boost visibility and keep their brand top of mind even after the event is over. These promotional products help businesses improve their reach and visibility while offering consumers free merchandise.

From items like clothing and accessories to office supplies and tech gear, there are countless swag options you can hand out at a business event. Here are 10 event swag trends to consider offering at your next networking event.

Branded apparel

Branded apparel is a common giveaway at corporate events. Employees can wear promotional clothing or accessories to the event and hand them out to attendees, thereby increasing brand engagement and networking opportunities. T-shirts are some of the most common forms of branded apparel to give out, but other items like hats, vests, and windbreakers can also be great items to offer attendees.


Tote bags, drawstring bags, or backpacks are useful for most people in everyday life — especially as we do away with plastic bags in grocery stores and other locations. A reusable bag with your logo is a practical and effective way to generate awareness for your brand while promoting sustainability. Order durable and spacious bags that will allow attendees to carry essentials like their laptops and any informational materials they may gather at your event.

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Notebooks are a great event swag idea, as attendees can use them to take notes, write down ideas, and brainstorm with others. If these notebooks are personalized to fit your attendees’ needs and wants, it will further your brand’s visibility and help your business retain a reputation for usefulness.


There are many types of drinkware you can personalize with your brand logo, including reusable water bottles, travel mugs, and tumblers. Attendees can use them throughout the event and in their everyday lives, promoting your brand by simply carrying it around.

A reusable bag with your logo is a practical and effective way to generate awareness for your brand while promoting sustainability.

Hand sanitizer

Small, portable bottles of hand sanitizer branded with your business logo are great to hand out at the front door of any event — especially in the post-pandemic era. Offering free hand sanitizer will demonstrate that your business places importance on personal hygiene and maintaining cleanliness.

Tech items

Tech items are practical and useful items to gift attendees in today’s high-tech world. Offering branded tech accessories will ensure consumers think about your business each time they use the item — which is likely to be often. Some common branded tech items to offer include portable chargers, PopSockets, power banks, and camera blockers.


Sunglasses are a simple but classic swag item for business events, especially if your event is being held outdoors. Offering free sunglasses can incentivize more attendees to visit your setup at the event and speak with your business, further learning about its offerings. Display your company name or logo on the side of the glasses so consumers can recognize your business while sporting your sunglasses.


The way to most people’s hearts is through food. Offering free snacks at your event will ensure attendees come flocking to your business, which can spark conversations and lead to more networking opportunities. Whether it’s homemade cookies or popcorn with branded packaging, snacks are a great option to satisfy consumers and leave a lasting impression.

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Travel items

Travel items are practical products consumers will actually use — especially if they traveled to your event from a different location. Optimal choices for branded travel items include a customized toiletry bag, a luggage tag, sleep masks, and branded lip balm.

Wellness items

Wellness-related swag demonstrates your company values a work-life balance and employee mental health. Branded wellness items include products like soy wax candles, a gratitude journal, subscriptions to meditation apps, self-development books, and soft slippers. Get creative with your ideas and show your employees you care about their well-being.

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