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Influencer marketing is a growing marketing strategy. To begin leveraging influencer marketing for your business, here are the top social media influencers across nine industries. — Getty Images/ twinsterphoto

In the competitive world of social media influencers, marketers can learn from the successes of the biggest names in the industry. By studying what makes these influencers successful, marketers can identify lesser-known influencers with potential for impact, while influencers can improve their own strategies.

Influencer marketing is about trust. By using an influencer for marketing campaigns, businesses benefit from having their brand vetted — by an influencer — before introducing a product or service to a potential customer base. If an influencer approves, consumers are more likely to trust the brand.

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What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is social media marketing that leverages the influence of individuals with a dedicated social media following. Through the influencer, consumers engage with a business targeting them as potential customers.

Because followers trust influencers as experts in their industries, marketers can collaborate with influencers to promote their brands through recommendations or featured content. This can be explicit, but it’s most effective when it’s subtle, woven into the influencer’s social media content without disrupting style and message. By incorporating an influencer into your marketing strategy, followers may be more likely to believe your brand is aligned with a philosophy or interests they trust, which leads them to engage with your brand.

Top influencers by category

Influencer Marketing Hub defines an influencer as someone who has the power to impact consumers' purchasing decisions because of their "authority, knowledge, position or relationship" with their audience. These individuals typically have a following in a particular niche and actively engage with that following.

So, which social media users are the most influential in your industry? Using a combination of influencer lists and social media platform research, we've identified the top five individual social media influencers across nine major industries, with current follower counts for their top two channels as of February 2023.


  • Lewis Hamilton (lewishamilton): Automotive influencer and Formula One racer. 31.5M Instagram followers, 6M Facebook followers, 107K YouTube subscribers.
  • Alex Hirschi (supercarblondie): Automotive vlogger and Dubai’s first female car influencer. 50M Facebook followers, 11.6M Instagram followers, 10.9M YouTube subscribers, 87.9K Twitter followers.
  • Ken Block (kblock43): Automotive vlogger and Rally, RX, Gymkhana, and Gymkhana racer. 8.5M Instagram followers, 7.5M Facebook followers, 2.12M YouTube subscribers, 540.4K Twitter followers.
  • Richard Rawlings (gasmonkeygarage): Automotive entrepreneur, reality TV star on “Fast N’ Loud,” and owner of Gas Monkey Garage. 4.9M Facebook followers, 4.8M Instagram followers, 1.04M YouTube followers, 340.4K Twitter followers.
  • Gabe Florido (carlifestyle): Automotive blogger and founder of CarLifestyle. 4.2M Instagram followers, 777K Facebook followers.


  • Huda Kattan (hudabeauty): Makeup artist, beauty vlogger, and founder of WISHFUL. 52.1M Instagram followers, 7.9M Facebook followers, 4.1M YouTube subscribers, 222.5K Twitter followers.
  • Nikkie de Jager (nikkietutorials): Makeup artist, beauty vlogger, and founder of Nimya. 17.2M Instagram followers, 14.1M YouTube subscribers, 2.1M Twitter followers, 1.6M Facebook followers.
  • Zoë Sugg (zoesugg): Beauty vlogger, founder of Zoella, and author. 9.3M Instagram followers, 4.9M YouTube subscribers.
  • Manny Gutierrez (Mannymua733): Makeup artist, beauty vlogger, and founder of Lunar Beauty. 4.8M YouTube followers, 4.1M Instagram followers, 1.4M Twitter followers, 565K Facebook followers.
  • Shayla Mitchell (makeupshayla): Makeup artist and vlogger. 3.1M Instagram followers, 754K YouTube subscribers.


  • Tony Robbins (tonyrobbins): International business strategist, author, and performance coach. 6.4M Instagram followers, 3.2M Twitter followers, 1.6M YouTube subscribers.
  • Brené Brown (brenebrown): Professor, lecturer, author, and podcast host. 4.6M Instagram followers, 4M Facebook followers, 973.6K Twitter followers.
  • Jeff Bezos (jeffbezos): Entrepreneur, media proprietor, investor, commercial astronaut, and founder and executive chairman of Amazon. 6.1M Twitter followers, 4M Instagram followers.
  • Simon Sinek (simonsinek): Business mentor, author, and motivational/inspirational speaker. 2.2M Instagram followers, 1.6M YouTube subscribers, 983K Twitter followers.
  • Richard Branson (richardbranson): Entrepreneur, philanthropist, business influencer, and founder of the Virgin Group (Virgin Airlines). 12.6M Twitter followers, 4.8M Instagram followers, 4.5M Facebook followers.

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  • Cole Sprouse (colesprouse): Actor and photographer. 34.8M Instagram followers.
  • Chiara Ferragni (chiaraferragni): Fashion blogger, designer, and model. 28.8M Instagram followers, 1.2M Facebook followers, 776K Twitter followers.
  • Camila Coelho (camilacoelho): Fashion blogger and designer. 9.8M Instagram followers, 2.5M Facebook followers.
  • Lauren Conrad (laurenconrad): Television personality, fashion designer, and author. 6M Instagram followers, 2.8M Twitter followers, 2.4M Facebook followers.
  • Aimee Song (aimeesong): Fashion blogger, designer, and author. 7M Instagram followers, 364K YouTube subscribers, 64.4K Twitter followers.

It's important to know their followers care about what they share. We’ve found those who have already engaged with [our brand] are more likely to share quality content that will resonate.

Patrina Couling, former head of sponsorship and events, Rooftop Cinema Club


  • Burak Özdemir (cznburak): Chef and restaurateur. 45M Instagram followers, 616.7K Twitter followers.
  • Salt Bae (nusr_et): Butcher, chef, food entertainer, and restaurateur. 50.9M Instagram followers.

  • Amaury Guichon (amauryguichon): Pastry chef and owner of The Pastry Academy. 12M Facebook followers, 10.8M Instagram followers.

  • Skyy John (tipsybartender): Bartender and vlogger. 35M Facebook followers, 7.6M YouTube subscribers, 6.3M Instagram followers, 167.8K Twitter followers.

  • Gordon Ramsay (GordonGram): Chef, restaurateur, television personality, and writer. 23M Facebook followers, 19.7M YouTube subscribers, 14M Instagram followers.

Gaming and technology

  • Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (pewdiepie): Gaming vlogger. 111M YouTube subscribers, 21.7M Instagram followers, 9.2M Facebook followers.
  • Rachell Hofstetter (valkyrae): Gaming vlogger and co-owner of 100 Thieves. 3.8M YouTube subscribers, 3.7M Instagram followers, 3M Twitter followers.

  • Toby Turner (tobygames): Gaming vlogger and voice actor. 6.2M YouTube followers, 885.2K Twitter followers, 809K Instagram followers.

  • Olajide Olayinka Williams "JJ" Olatunji (ksi): Gaming vlogger, rapper, and boxer. 24.1M YouTube subscribers, 12.6M Instagram followers, 8.71M Twitter followers.

  • Seán William McLoughlin (jacksepticeye): Gaming and comedy vlogger. 29M YouTube subscribers, 7.9M Instagram followers, 7.8M Twitter followers.

Health and fitness

  • Michelle Lewin (michelle_lewin): Personal trainer and fitness entrepreneur. 15.3M Instagram followers, 8.5M Facebook followers.
  • Jen Selter (jenselter): Nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle blogger. 13.6M Instagram followers, 9.2M Facebook followers, 57.7K YouTube subscribers.
  • Kayla Itsines (kayla_itsines: Fitness vlogger, trainer, entrepreneur, and author. 15.5M Instagram followers, 414K YouTube subscribers, 366.6K Twitter followers.
  • Simeon Panda (simeonpanda): Fitness vlogger and entrepreneur. 8.2M Instagram followers, 2.7M YouTube subscribers.
  • Lauren Kagan (laurendrainfit): Nurse, fitness coach, author, fitness vlogger. 4M Instagram followers, 44.3K Twitter followers, 29.3K YouTube subscribers.

Home and parenting

  • Julie Sariñana (sincerelyjules): Lifestyle blogger. 7.4M Instagram followers, 53.3K Twitter followers.
  • Shonda Wagner (shonda1020): Lifestyle blogger. 2M Instagram followers.
  • Aspyn Ovard (aspynovard): Lifestyle and parenting vlogger. 3.33M YouTube subscribers, 2.3M Instagram followers, 593K Twitter followers.
  • Amber Fillerup Clark (amberfillerup): Lifestyle blogger and entrepreneur. 1.3M Instagram followers, 209K YouTube subscribers.
  • Caitlin Covington (​​cmcoving): Lifestyle blogger. 1.3M Instagram followers, 68.1K Twitter followers, 8.5K YouTube subscribers.


  • Murad Osmann (muradosmann): Film producer and travel blogger. 3.4M Instagram followers.
  • Chris Burkard (chrisburkard): Photographer and travel blogger. 3.9M Instagram followers, 714K Facebook followers, 33.7K Twitter followers.
  • Jennifer Tuffen (izkiz): Travel and lifestyle blogger. 2.7M Instagram followers.
  • Jack Morris (jackmorris): Travel blogger and photographer. 2.6M Instagram followers, 241K YouTube subscribers, 18.2K Twitter followers.
  • The Bucket List Family (thebucketlistfamily): Travel bloggers/vloggers. 2.6M Instagram followers, 1.43M YouTube subscribers.

Quality over quantity: Why follower count isn't everything

While the above influencers do have massive followings on social media, you shouldn't necessarily discount micro-influencers (1,000 to 100,000 followers) or even nano-influencers (less than 1,000 followers) for your brand. Many brands have found great success with influencers who have smaller but very highly engaged audiences.

"It's about their engagement rate rather than follower count,” said Patrina Couling, former Head of Sponsorship and Events at Rooftop Cinema Club, in a previous interview with CO—. “It's important to know their followers care about what they share. We’ve found those who have already engaged with [our brand] are more likely to share quality content that will resonate."

Couling recommends selecting influencers based on the following criteria:

  • They understand, value and appreciate your brand.
  • They are within your core demographic.
  • Their own brand and audience "fit" and align with yours.

When it comes time to approach the influencer about working with your brand, Couling says it's important to offer them something of value. Then, provide clear guidelines and criteria for what you expect in return (e.g., posting, engaging and sharing).

"Work with them, too,” she said. “Be flexible in finding offers that are enticing for their followers."

For more influencer marketing tips, check out our guide to finding and working with influencers.

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