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Livestreaming is a good way to create video content while also allowing you to directly engage with your audience. — Getty Images/Compassionate Eye Foundation/David Oxberry

If you’re looking for new ways to promote your business, starting a YouTube channel is a great option, particularly if your audience falls between the ages of 15 and 35. Here are seven strategies you can use to grow your YouTube channel.

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Pick engaging titles

Improving the titles is the easiest way to get more eyes on your videos. Since most viewers will only see part of your title, you want to keep it short — many experts agree that the best titles are between 60 and 70 characters.

You also want the title to accurately reflect what the video is about and emphasize its unique elements. The title should stand out and create curiosity without turning into clickbait. Including relevant keywords will ensure your videos are easily searchable.

Create custom thumbnails

Thumbnails are the small, clickable images users see when searching for new YouTube videos. Your titles and thumbnails work hand-in-hand to help users decide whether or not they’ll watch your video.

Technically, you don’t have to create your own thumbnails — YouTube will grab a screenshot from your video and create one for you. However, creating your own thumbnails gives your channel a more professional look and makes your videos appear more interesting.

When creating your thumbnails, include a photo or clip art and the video title. Using a template with a specific style and font will help keep your videos consistent and on-brand.

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Optimize your videos for visibility

Increasingly, when people search Google for a keyword or phrase, YouTube videos show up in the results. So optimizing your YouTube videos for SEO will help more people find your channel.

Start by doing keyword research to identify the keywords and phrases that will help new users find your channel. Include those keywords in the titles and descriptions, and say those target keywords within your videos. Adding categories and tags to each video helps YouTube understand who to promote your videos to.

Review your YouTube analytics at least once a month to see how your channel is performing.

Cross-promote your videos

Creating even a short YouTube video can take hours, so you want to make the most of that content possible. You can repurpose condensed versions of your content on other platforms, like TikTok or Instagram. This can bring new viewers to your channel.

Also, when you’re creating a new video, promote older content if it makes sense. Encourage your subscribers to check out another video you made and link to it in the description.

Try livestreaming

Social media trends come and go, but livestreaming seems to be here to stay. YouTube Live allows you to interact with viewers in real-time, answer questions, and forge a stronger bond with your audience. And since livestreams are a relatively small percentage of total YouTube content, this strategy will help you stand out from your competition.

You can use YouTube Live to create webinars, tutorials, or product demonstrations for your audience. Google provides many different resources on how to get started with livestreaming.

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Encourage viewers to subscribe

With every YouTube video you make, your goal should be to get new people to subscribe. Increasing your overall views is great, but only if many of those viewers also subscribe to your channel. One of the easiest ways to get new subscribers is to include a subscribe button on your end screen.

Review your analytics

Review your YouTube analytics at least once a month to see how your channel is performing. Look at your top videos, how many subscribers you have (including how many people unsubscribed), and your average traffic sources.

You should also review your average channel watch time and see if this number increases monthly. If it’s staying flat, you may need to adjust your overall content strategy.

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