An older woman sits outside, on a light teal yoga mat stretched out over the grass. She has her right leg crossed over her left leg in the "Lord of the Fishes" pose. The woman is smiling and wearing gray yoga pants, a pink long-sleeved shirt, and gray-and-white ankle socks. Behind her, out of focus, are two more women: a short-haired woman in a yellow shirt and a dark-haired woman in a pink shirt. A line of trees stands at the edge of the grass.
Opening a brick-and-mortar location like a yoga studio could have steep upfront costs. You could lessen those costs by holding classes remotely or, if the weather permits, outside. — Getty Images/Sabrina Bracher

Today’s consumers are investing more in products that promote better health, nutrition, and overall self. This indicates a promising opportunity for individuals interested in establishing a business in the wellness industry. Given the variety of self-care practices available, there is plenty of potential for the development of new products and companies.

Here are a few self-care business ideas to get you started on your next entrepreneurial venture.

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Self-care products

Self-care products empower individuals to enhance their well-being and reach their full potential. Here are a few self-care products and business ideas to consider.

Skincare or beauty services

The skincare industry in the United States is worth $20 billion, with high demand and near-endless opportunities for services. For example, those looking for hands-on experience can start a business in microblading — a potentially lucrative choice, considering eyebrow services alone brought in over $100 million in 2021.

Beauty products

Most products are created to help solve problems, and beauty products are no exception. From body scrubs to serums, you can curate a line of skin and self-care products to help consumers maintain a healthy complexion. With items like this, you have the option to create your own products or to utilize a manufacturer.

Essential oils

Made from the extracts of plants, oils can have been used as an alternative to Western medicine for years. If you have a passion for natural remedies, this business — which can be operated out of your home — might be a fit.


An ancient form of wellness, candles are commonly used for decor and relaxation. People buy candles not only for themselves, but for others, expanding the potential reach of a candle business. As a plus, the business side of this venture requires a smaller upfront investment compared to other industries.

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Self-care products empower individuals to enhance their well-being and reach their full potential.

Health and fitness programs

​​Embarking on a business centered around promoting physical well-being offers an exciting avenue for individuals seeking to make a positive impact. This venture can empower individuals to prioritize their fitness, mental clarity, and overall health, providing a holistic approach to wellness.

Yoga or meditation studio

Opening a yoga or meditation practice allows you to create not just a business but a community. If you opt to open a physical studio, this venture can be costly upfront. To help build a regular clientele, try hosting classes at a local park or beach to offset costs. You can also utilize social media to market yourself and offer online classes from home.

Personal training

If you have a passion for movement and want to help clients reach their physical fitness goals, starting a business as a personal trainer (PT) can be right for you. Once you earn your PT certification, you can offer your services online, at a local park, or even at a gym.

Health food and beverage services

From offering a range of healthy beverages and snacks to providing expert nutritional consulting, healthy food and beverage ventures can empower individuals in achieving their wellness goals while addressing their dietary needs.

Healthy meal delivery service

As more and more consumers seek healthier and more convenient food options, this venture is perfect for someone looking to help individuals achieve that goal. This business allows you to tailor diet plans and deliver meals to consumers or even open up a physical location, such as a food truck.

Healthy beverages

From kombucha to smoothies, there’s no shortage of avenues for healthy beverage businesses. Creating a beverage that not only boosts hydration but can offer other health benefits (like protein, minerals, and vitamins) will help your product stand out.

Healthy snacks

The healthy snack market boasts potential due to consumers’ increasing demand for healthier options. The key to this venture is identifying what people are looking for (with respect to both nutrition and flavor), then generating a product that reflects it.

Nutritional consulting

Starting a nutrition consulting business allows you to work in-house, such as in a hospital or a private practice, or to provide outsourced consulting on an as-needed basis. Review all necessary prerequisites, including licensing and regulations, before starting this path.

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