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This year’s gift collection at the 66th annual Grammy Awards features over a dozen small business products to help these brands get celebrity exposure. — Getty Images/Patrik Giardino

The excitement of red-carpet arrivals, nominees and winners, performances, and best-dressed lists is back with the 66th annual Grammy Awards on February 4, 2024. However, the celebs aren’t the only topic of conversation on “Music’s Biggest Night” — each performer and presenter receives a luxurious Grammy gift bag worth over $35,000, and you can be sure the recipients will be talking about what’s inside.

For the last 25 years, Los Angeles-based entertainment marketing company Distinctive Assets has curated these gift bags and gift lounge items for the annual Grammy Awards. This year’s gift collection features over a dozen small business products to help these brands get celebrity exposure.

Star power: The impact of small business exposure and inclusion

Oxygenetix, a skincare and makeup brand, is just one of several small businesses chosen by Distinctive Assets to be featured in the Grammy gift bags this year. Oxygenetix carefully curated their gift options to showcase the uniqueness of their products, from Oxygenating Foundation and Concealer to Oxygenetix swag.

“Participating in the gift lounge allows our business to gain exposure among influential figures in the entertainment industry, leading to increased brand visibility and potential collaborations,” said Sophia Knapp, Product Developer at Oxygenetix. “Being part of such a prestigious event helps us grow and gain recognition as a reputable brand.”

For Lash Fary, Founder of Distinctive Assets, seeing other small businesses gain traction is exactly why he takes pride in his work.

“As a small business myself, I have always taken pride in using our platform to help elevate other small businesses,” Fary explained. “… In recent years, in concert with the Grammy’s overall diversity mission, we've further focused on minority inclusion within the small business space. The results have been quite wonderful and rewarding.”

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Being part of such a prestigious event helps us grow and gain recognition as a reputable brand.

Sophia Knapp, Product Developer, Oxygenetix

Small businesses in the 2024 Grammys gift bag and lounge

Here are just a few of the small businesses whose products have been included in the 66th Annual Grammy Awards gift bags and gift lounge.

  • BAGCEIT. BAGCEIT offers a practical solution for keeping your items off the ground with a lightweight, portable seat featuring retractable legs.
  • Brownie Points. Two women from Ohio transformed their brownie baking side gig into “Brownie Points,” a business known nationally for its innovative brownie flavors and collaborations, like BrowniEmojis, Boozy Brownies, and Bruffles, to name a few.
  • cate brown. cate brown offers sustainably sourced, luxury homeware crafted from hand-selected vintage clothing.
  • EpicLight Beauty. Founded by two moms seeking to defy conventional beauty norms, EpicLight Beauty aims to empower women over 35 with skincare-focused products crafted from high-grade ingredients.
  • FLY LYFE. FLY LYFE offers exclusive luxury travel experiences and connections. Members can access unique adventures and travel deals, and connect with like-minded travelers from around the world.
  • INARU. Founded by Janett and Erika Liriano, INARU crafts delicious chocolate bars that celebrate the fruity and floral flavors of the Dominican Republic, like vanilla and chamomile and auyuma seeds and cranberries.
  • Karma Nuts. Karma Nuts offers delicious, healthy cashews air-roasted and never fried, allowing the cashews to retain their natural skins for a superior crunch and better taste.
  • Living Prana. Co-founders Ryan Seaman and Brian Murphy combined pancake mix with superfoods to develop organic and plant-based PranaCakes for an energy boost and BrainCakes for cognitive function.
  • Music Connection. Since 1977, Music Connection has evolved from print to diverse products and services, bridging the gap between “the street and the elite” musicians, tech, and industry.
  • Nana Seasoning. Created to honor the founder’s beloved grandmother, Nana’s All Purpose Alkaline Seasoning enriches dishes with love, flavor, and wellness by using premium ingredients.
  • Nap Bar. Nap Bar is Houston’s premier “rest sanctuary” offering white glove service with plush organic mattresses, cotton sheets, and a concierge for when you awake.
  • OOVO. OOVO prioritizes vocal health with products rooted in vocal science. The Sing Ring by OOVO and the OOVO Straw Necklace allow users to enhance range, breath efficiency, performance, and vocal smoothness.
  • Oxygenetix. Oxygenetix pioneers skincare-infused makeup and prioritizes skin health without compromising beauty. Their medical-grade topicals, including the Oxygenetix Foundation, heal and conceal compromised skin with a vegan, cruelty-free formula.
  • Pardon My Fro. Pardon My Fro celebrates the boldness and individuality of women with afros through clothing, accessories, and home decor.
  • Sattaché. Sattaché offers women sophisticated, socially conscious lifestyle accessories with its vegan, eco-friendly products, made from recycled materials.
  • See the Way I See. See the Way I See destigmatizes mental health with stickers and apparel that showcase words and phrases associated with mental health.
  • Smack. The founder of Smack created a line of nutritious raw pet food to honor the legacy of his dog, Zorro.
  • Soapy Faith. Soapy Faith is a brand founded by three sisters and emerged after one sister’s breast cancer journey, aiming to offer faith-driven, earth-conscious skincare solutions.
  • The Hair Forge. The Hair Forge offers a collection of headbands, elastics, clips, and more to encourage men to explore and celebrate their identity and redefine masculinity.

Celebrities like Dua Lipa, Travis Scott, Luke Combs, and Billie Eilish will have their hands on these and other small business products after the Grammy Awards.

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